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Contemporary artist and clinical psychiatrist. Currently based in Berlin, Germany. I am fascinated with everything subconscious and primarily express myself in visual art and music. I make intuitive paintings to free people from judgement and self-criticism.
I am here to remind you that there is
so much more to life than to follow the beaten path.
Be creative,
be bold, be free!

Marc Alexandre Maurice

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Philosophy & Literature | Freiburg, Germany

Medical School | Zagreb, Croatia

Behavioural Neuroscience | Tübingen, Germany

Art and Copy | Berlin, Germany  

Internal medicine & Palliative care | Zurich, Switzerland

Psychosomatic medicine & Psychotherapy | Berlin, Germany

Selected exhibitions & contributions

Inter University Center Dubrovnik

Paris/Atlantic Journal

Zagreb University press

Poetry film live

Art Kino Gric
Woke folks festival


99 fire films
Max Planck institute for biological cybernetics

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