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Gen3ration Y is a contemporary artist based in Berlin, Germany. 

He is a trained medical doctor, neuroscientist, political strategist and copywriter.

In his work, he deconstructs the subconscious thought system that form the base of our personal and collective behaviours and manipulates them with words and forms that challenge existing gestalt concepts.



Born 1985  

Philosophy & Literature | University of Freiburg

Medicine | University of Zagreb

Behavioural Neuroscience | University of Tübingen

Selected jobs

Campaign writer | political advertising | Butter, Berlin

Resident physician | internal medicine & palliative care | S.Affoltern, Zürich

Research associate | medical neuropsychology | IMP, Tübingen

Strategist | digital media production | Agoda, Bali 

Selected publications / exhibitions

Paris/Atlantic Journal

Poetry film live

Inter University Center Dubrovnik

Nepal traveller network

Woke folks festival

99 fire films

Art Kino Gric
Max planck institute for biological cybernetics
Psychotope Hamburg

Mentionable Teachers

Palliative care | Roland Kunz | Zürich

Campaign writing  | Frank Stauss | Berlin 

Neuropsychology | Niels Birbaumer | Tübingen 

Filmmaking | Achim Hasenberg | Berlin 

Photography | Paul Prescott } Zagreb

Sculpting | Nattavot Boonjuang | Khon Kaen

Oil Painting | Eoin Llewellyn | Berlin

Shaivism | Sri. Manoj ji | Rishikesh

Theravada buddhism | Boon Soykung | Chiang Mai

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