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Bio and artist statment

I started with a few semester of philosophy, studied medicine and did half a PhD in behavioural neuroscience.

I choose art because I realised that the topics I am interested in lie somewhere in between science and fiction.

I am drawn to the realm between philosophy and science, between ratio and anima, the grey zones, the borderlands. Where the division of the sciences becomes obsolete.

When I close my eyes but can’t fall asleep, my mind thinks about the collective subconsiousness, about artificial intelligence and our evolutionary role as the parents of A.I.

The things I wonder about questions like : will machines feel love ? will they suffer from the human illusion of separation and individuality ? How can we teach machines a moral conduct, particularly if we, as a species haven’t fully learned how to behave yet.

Will we be able to avoid a conflict between solid state intelligence and flesh and blood intelligence.

I believe that the art I create is a product of a space that we all share.

A stream below consciousness, an ocean before concepts and thoughts in which the nature of our very existence connects us at our cores. A binding agent that is stronger than the division that separates us.

A space beneath the illusion that we are all individual agents in a separated world.

Or as one of my favorite authors put it : the collective hallucination that we call reality.

I believe that in nature all is one. That borders and boundaries are concepts the human mind enforces on boundless nature in order to navigate our bodies in it.

That is why I am so freely floating between science, philosophy and art.

Because I believe that there are all just different ways to look at the same thing.

Created to quench our endless curiosity and to illuminate the perceivable phenomena of the world in all angles we can conceive of.

I enjoy this belief and it comforts me to know that I share it with some of the worlds main religions and philosophies. In buddhism this idea is inherent in the concepts of anatta, dhukka and anicca, in hinduism in prana, atman and brahman, in daoism in the dao, in greek philosophy in henosis and christianity I don’t know well enough … :).

The thought that I am but one appearance of an all encompassing nature, always connected to the world through the air comforts me when I feel alone.

Since my art is made from my dreams, it is the stuff that dreams are made from.

Windows into a world without reason and doubt. Without logic and judgment.

Where things just are and one exists in whatever form befits the mood.

Here I am free of my bounds as a human thinking machine. Free of my bounds as a man amongst men. Free of the bounds of behaviors and rules.

Able to let my mind rest and bask in the waters of the ocean beneath thoughts.

At least when I have a good day. Otherwise I just netflix and chill.

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