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When our eyes met, time froze.
The universe swirled and stood still at once.
Forever was a moment 
and space the size of a pea.

We live and die through action.
It is all we can do. 
But it is not the content of life. 
It is just its currency.

Locked eyes don’t move.
We escape the scourge of perpetual motion through them,

Stillness is non-existence, non-individuality, non-independency.
In stillness we are one.

Your eyes are my escape route. 
A place of no actions and thoughts 
a sea of tranquility 
The only space I’ll ever need.

The non-space in which we dwell together.

Free of the burden of collective reality.
Outside the limits of descriptions and words.
Our limbo, our nothing and plenty thereof.

In all my dreams, I looked for you 
yet finally when you were here 
I let you go, I made no move, 
the culprit was my fear.

I know I want to be with you, 
I knew it all along.
I don’t know why we’re acting like 
we don’t know you’re my home

have no more doubts, that eat our hearts
fear that destroys our souls.
you know, I know, 
we’re made as one
no I, just us, no you.

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