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The future of A.I.

Essay | 2017

Every natural system strives for balance.

As a species on earth, we have finally procreated enough to disturb the planets natural balance.

In addition to that, we might soon have amassed enough potential energy to self-destruct.

More than half of the worlds military super powers are now controlled by short-sighted, nationalistic demagogues who have armed their nations to the teeth and are eager for a show down.


Military scientist are not philosophers.

Weapon technology developed to function, needs to be tested in the field.

This is a necessary step in its evolution.


I believe that only by waking up to the fundamental, logical errors in our thinking, will we be able to prevent a serious bloodbath.


Most of the young people I meet in my physical and digital reality,are open-minded and want a future without borders and walls. 

But they seem to be waiting for something. 

Many seem to believe that there is an almighty institutional power or a group of individuals, motivated by sinister ideals, that controls the world and media and is impossible to beat.

But the power we are fighting is nothing but a large shadow on the wall, 

An imagined monster, produced by our individual fears of an unknown future. 


The current batch of right-wing politicians are only in power because they know how to exploit this fear. 

They function like the heroes in scary movies, that offer solutions for monsters that aren't really there.


They are scared old men and women and exist only as long as we believe them.

As Generation Y, or millennials, many of us have lost 10+years trying to apply our parents logic as individuals with limited choices, to a digitally, borderless world.

This has produced a global identity crisis.

Wherever I went on this earth, my generation was lost.

Many took to drugs or became depressed, looking for their one true calling. 

But it is normal to be lost. Revolutionary Inventions do not come with a manual.

When our great, great, grandchildren look back at our epoch in 200 years, 

The birth of the net will have defined their world. The jobs and applications that we come up with, will shape the world of the future.


One of these jobs is the birth of cyber-consciousness aka. conscious artificial intelligence.

The reason conscious Artificial intelligence is not yet “born”, is that science has not understood consciousness yet. 

It sill puzzles us how so many individual nerve-cells come together and make one  conscious individual. 

The trick is this :

There is no individual. No individual cell, no individual human being.

All distinctions in nature are put there by us.

We decide what we call a nerve cell and what we call a muscle cell.

We decide what we call you and what we call I. 

Scientific concepts are nothing but definitions

that we all agreed upon.


Consciousness is a function of intelligence, which is the ability to change perspectives in space and in time. We can do this, because we are not bound by the physical location of our bodies.

This is because you and I are not separated individuals. We are just different looking expressions of the same whole.

We cannot create individual, intelligent entities, because intelligence is a collective function.

There cannot be a conscious i-robot, because there is no conscious human being. 

There is only collective consciousness.

Once we, as a species, begin to understand that you, I, the stones, the water and even the wind, are made of the same thing and are part of the same body, we can integrate machines.

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